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The rice plant is an ideal host for many insect species. All of the plant parts are vulnerable to insect-feeding from the time of sowing till harvest. There are over 800 insect species damaging rice in one way or another, although the majority of them do very little damage. In tropical Asia only about 20 species are of major importance. In Africa, 15 species of insects are considered major pests of rice and in the Americas about 20 species are considered major pests.

To develop effective pest management strategies, it is essential to properly identify and to understand the biology and ecology of insect pests and the arthropods that help regulate their populations. This book effectively utilizes the unique knowledge and expertise of leading rice entomologists from Africa, Asia and the Americas to provide the first global coverage of rice insect pests. The discussion of each pest includes geographical distribution, plant hosts other than rice, description and biology, plant damage and ecology.

Key features

  • Covers almost 100 species of the most important insect pests affecting rice cultivation
  • Brings together the key research on each pest, including description and biology and effects on rice plants
  • Written by a team of leading entomologists with experience of rice pests in Asia, Africa, the United States and Latin America
  • Includes over 150 photographs and images

Sample content

Not sure what you’re getting if you buy this book? Click on the cover image below to open a PDF and preview pages from the book.  Alternatively, watch our informative video introduction.

What others are saying…

‘The authors need to be congratulated to have pulled together such a large body of relevant information on rice pests and made it available to pest management professionals in the field as well as scientists in the laboratories in a very approachable and easy to use format.”
Hans Herren, Millennium Institute; formerly Director General of the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), winner The World Food Prize and numerous other awards.

Table of contents

The insects discussed are categorised based on feeding types:

1. Root and stem feeders
2. Stem borers
3. Rice gall midges
4. Leafhoppers and planthoppers
5. Foilage feeders
6. Panicle feeders

The book concludes with a discussion of integrated management of insect pests



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The majority of the information in this book is drawn from technologies developed, tested, validated, and implemented by the Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab (previously known as the  Integrated Pest Management Collaborative Research Support Program-IPM CRSP), supported by  USAID  Cooperative Agreements awarded to Virginia Tech.


Chap.1 – IPM for Food and Environmental Security in the Tropics

Chap. 2 – IPM Packages for Tropical Vegetable Crops

Chap. 3 – Virus Diseases of Tropical Vegetable Crops and Their Management

Chap. 4 – Exploring the Potential of Trichoderma for the Management of Seed and Soil-Borne Diseases of Crops

Chap. 5 – Physical, Mechanical and Cultural Control of Vegetable Insects

Chap. 6 – Integrated Pest Management of Cruciferous Vegetables

Chap. 7 – Integrated Pest Management of Okra in India

Chap. 8 – Integrated Pest Management of Onion in India

Chap. 9 – IPM Packages for Naranjilla: Sustainable Production in an Environmentally Fragile Region

Chap. 10 – IPM Technologies for Potato Producers in Highland Ecuador

Chap. 11 – Integrated Pest Management for Vegetable Crops in Bangladesh

Chap. 12 – Development and Dissemination of Vegetable IPM Practices in Nepal

Chap. 13 – IPM Vegetable Systems in Uganda

Chap. 14 – Impacts of IPM on Vegetable Production in the Tropics


ISBN 978-94-024-0922-2  ISBN 978-94-024-0924-6 (eBook)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2016957790


E.A. Heinrichs

IAPPS Secretary General

Asia Program Manager, IPM Innovation Lab

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Original papers by:

Jacob van Breda de Haan 1896

and Thung Tjeng Hiang 1931 & 1938

Introduction, Translation & Discussion by:

Jan C. Zadoks 


Published by:

Sidestone Press

Fruitweg 46A

2321 DH Leiden

The Netherlands


Email: info@sidestone.nl



Zadoks black shank 2219Zadoks black shank3220Zadoks Black shank of tobacco_Flyerh

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Zadoks Black shank of tobacco_Flyer

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Dear All,

I am pleased to announce the launching of a new book titled “Insects of cultivated Plants and Natural Pastures in Southern Africa” by Gerhard Prinsloo and Vivienne Uys. The 800 pages thick book deals with insect pests of 75 crops including field crops, vegetables crops, pastures, horticultural and ornamental plants. Many of these pests are not only found in southern Africa but also in most countries of sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere too. Account of 416 species together with 860 full colour photographs are referred and a further 277 species listed.

Please note that a discount is offered for any purchase made before end of December 2014. Details can be found at http://www.entsocsa.co.za/preview.htm

Kind regards


Dr. Georg Goergen
Entomologist | Biodiversity Centre / Biological Control Centre for Africa
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA, http://www.iita.org)
Headquarters and West Africa Hub
PMB 5320, Oyo Road, Ibadan 200001, Oyo State, Nigeria
International Mailing Address: IITA, Carolyn House, 26 Dingwall Road, Croydon, CR9 3EE, UK
Tel: +234 2 7517472 | USA Tel: +1 201 6336094 | Fax: +44 208 7113786 | Mobile no: +229 97397747
IITA is a member of the CGIAR Consortium (www.cgiar.org).

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